The Kindergarten curriculum supports the mental and physical development areas, the needs and interests of the children as appropriate for their age.

Our programs address the social and emotional needs of each child. A positive self-image is fundamental for all children. Helping children feel confident about themselves, their ideas, as well as their abilities, are central to our beliefs. 

Kindergarten students are actively engaged a curriculum-based program in literacy, mathematics, social studies and science project-based activities.  Projects help them explore their world. Creativity and exploration of interests in order to develop a love for learning is paramount. 

The English programme is designed right for the age level and parallel to the Turkish National Programme. Our students attend English classes 10 hours a week. The program is based on ;


TPR ( Total Physical Response )

Story Telling


Songs and Chants

Visual Aids


Extra activities are performed under the guidance of specialist teachers. These activities include painting, music, computer, physical training, folk dance and modern dance.

A “Character Education Programme” approved by the Ministry of National Education is being applied to raise students with honesty, peace, responsibility and self-esteem.



Our students come from all over the world and bring to Aka School different perspectives and traditions which are celebrated in a spirit of curiosity and respect. Our nurturing teachers individualize instructional goals and maximize student potential.

Our Primary School uses a variety of ways to address the instructional and emotional-social needs of every child.  Students are taught how to resolve conflict and respect differences.

Paralel to the objectives and principles of national education, Aka School has a student-centered education raising individuals who will create differences in the future.

We want our pupils to discover that learning is a fun and rewarding pursuit.

A high standard foreign language academic program is applied in our school. English is taught as the primary foreign language , German and Spanish are taught as the optional foreign languages. Our foreign language teaching program is based on four basic skills “reading ,listening, speaking and writing”.

A “Character Education Programme” approved by the Ministry of National Education is being applied to raise students with honesty, peace, responsibility and self-esteem.



The middle school years are an exciting time for students as they transition from childhood to adolescence.  Early adolescents experience dramatic changes in their cognitive abilities as they move from concrete to abstract thinkers. Their world is beginning to expand as they seek more independence and place more emphasis on their friends and mature physically.

Our middle school program is designed to nurture in a caring and supportive environment the intellectual, social, emotional and physical changes that are taking place in the lives of our learners. Our curriculum offers middle school students a rigorous core curriculum in the areas of English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Foreign languages and Turkish Native Language.

Aka School has created a unique advisory program for middle school students. Each middle school student has a mentor who serves as an advisor in helping them to monitor their academic progress, set personal learner goals, assist in organizational and study skills and explore university and career possibilities. This supportive environment promotes personal and academic growth during this transition. 



High school students come from many different countries, cultures and backgrounds. They are young adults forming opinions of themselves and the world in which they live.  They demand a challenging educational program. All of our high school students desire a university or college education. 

Our high school students listen to different points of view, be respectful of others' opinions and value international-mindedness. 

Our teachers do a superb job of building a collaborative relationship with their students which is our key to success. 

We are committed to provide an academic excellence for the success of our pupils in a challenging education.  Paralel to our Turkish National Curriculum we prepare them effectively for the future and we aim to bring up world citizens  who will contribute to their countries and to other nations. Our curriculum gives our students the opportunity to develop an international perspective and attend some of the world’s top universities. Our goal is that they leave their school years with confidence in themselves and their own potential.