School Campus

Pyhsical Structure

Our school, which houses 74 classrooms and utilizable facilities in an indoor area of 12.000 m2, opened in the 1999-2000 academic year. Functional planning and inner specifications of the building (shape, size, colors etc.) conform to world standarts. Child psychology ath the planning stage was one of our main criteria.
Aka College building, which is capable of withstanding an earthquake, was built according to the results of ground survey and the newest construction techniques. 
Our classes consist of 24 desks. In our corridors all the students have their own cupboards and they keep their belongings there while changing classes. Aka College offers large corridors, ceremony area in the entry of the school, additional game field in which a lot of baskets and area for walking and playing.

With courts built to international standarts, our sports hall provides facilities for football, volleyball, basketball, badminton, handball and other indoor games. It provides opportunities for students to participate in individual and team games. In our half olympic swimming pool that consists of 5 lanes, students’ learning water sports and having fun are provided.
Training of ice-skating and hokey is given by professional teacher in ice-skating area. Apart from the main sports hall, there are also table tennis and aerobic halls where students can enjoy spare time activities.
Withstands for 600 spectators, adequate numbers of changing rooms, excellent sound sytem and air conditioning, it is a suitable place for concerts and competitions among schools.

Our library is designed to be one the favourite places of our school. This is a place where silence and learning meet; Learning and investigation are loved. Newly published books are found in our library. In this way, our library renews itself and becomes rich. Besides written publications, there is a CD and DVD digital information archive providing additional resources for students’ investigation.

Rotation system is applied from the start of secondary school to the end of high school in Aka College. Students follow the lessons in teachers’ classes according to their lesson programme. The teachers in our school have their own classes.

The classes are for maximum 24 students. Primary school has its own sitting plan. From 6th grade the student has his or her own desk and chair. Our classrooms are available for all kinds of group and individual works.

The class provides enough places for maximum 24 students. One teacher is present for seven students.

Adaptation of theoretical information to daily life and learning by living and implementing is achieved in our modern physics laboratories with experimental tools and equipments of the latest technology. 
Our students make careful observations in the experiments that they make in laboratory lessons and report the results that they get. 
Following the experiments they make, students acquire lasting information and this information constitutes sound grounds when they attend university. 
Students making the experiments themselves are able to acquire lasting information, which they learn without memorizing. 
When our students arrive at conclusions with the experiments that they make, they become more interested in scientific studies and take their first steps in becoming scientists.