Measurement And Evaluation

t means the assessment of expected behaviour of the individuals as a result of a learning process. 
All the measurement and evaluation proceedings are handled scientifically and objectively. Measurement and evaluation proceedings have two stages:

1. MEASUREMENT (Preparation of questions and the question bank)


Evaluation is based on the numerical data that is gained by measurement and it means to determine whether the expected behaviour of the students is satisfactory, and to take measures to eliminate the reasons of problems, if there are any. As it is obvious from the definitions, although the evaluation process is abstract, we are able to reach data that is concrete.
Measurement and evaluation department inputs questions from teachers for every topic for every subject with the question bank system, and also teachers deliver their questions to the department with the help of question notice scales (?) and examination notice scales(?)
Teachers deliver examination notice scales and any information about the exam at least one week before the examination. 

In our school, examinations evaluate previous subjects and topics. Teachers mark the papers and after that they change the points for each question into grades and record the marks in Lesson Success (?) Form and deliver them to Evaluation department. Analysis for the answer forms are carried out. 

In our school different types of tests are carried out. Our teachers deliver the questions that cover the topics to the evaluation department with the intellectual level specified and an examination notice scale at least a week before the test date. 
The assessment department analyses the quality of the questions, whether the questions cover the topics adequately, and work on the intellectual levels (remembering (knowledge), cognition, application, analyzing, synthesis and evaluation). After the necessary corrections the tests are ready. During the exam the answer form which is prepared by the evaluation department is filled in by the students. These forms are delivered to the evaluation department. All the necessary analyses are done to evaluate the answer forms.